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Brethren and Friends, I wanted to share with you the stained glass windows i designed for the Nashua, New Hampshire masonic temple. I am the Senior Deacon of Ancient York Lodge no.89 in that building. I am an artist who will be continuing to do more Masonic designs and projects in the future. If you have the means, please consider buying a print at Proceeds go to the Nashua Square and Compass Club. Thank You Bro. Ryan Flynn
Beschreibung auf der Seite "Aufgelöste Logen".

Bleiglasfenster / Stained glass windows

Alexander zu den 3 Sternen Nr. 35 i.O. Ansbach
"Zum Morgenstern" i.O. Hof, # 193, Fenster Treppenaufgang
FREI und OFFEN i.O. Holzminden.

All pictures in this gallery with kindly permission of Sarah. Alle Fotos dieser Galerie mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Sarah. On the other side of the south lounge at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, there are a series of art glass windows depicting the Arts and Sciences. These windows have a warmer light quality compared to the Masonic Degree windows because the artisans learned to incorporate precious metals (gold and silver) into the glass paints to preserve the true colors after firing.

Die Grade des Schottischen Ritus

Modesto / Californien



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