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What is Freemasonry?

compiled by Greg Stewart


Why this E-book?

Today many books exist on the subject of Freemasonry available at a variety of retail outlets and libraries. [...]

Missing from that collection however are works that speak of the fraternity in a more modern context. [...]

Why are Freemason's so secretive?

Many masons will not answer questions about the fraternity as they believe it is supposed to be a secret. In the end this becomes a loss for the fraternity as any time someone asks a question about Masonry, it's a great opportunity to talk openly about it. A common reaction to this idea is that Masonry is a "Society wiht Secrets", rather than a "Secret Society", but this is equally confusing. There are aspects to Freemasonry that are kept and taught to only those who got through the initiations and ceremonies so as to keep them in a proper perspective and contextual meaning. These aspects are not secrets but instead knowledge that is best communicated in a specific and concise manner. [...]

Why does Freemasonry not admit women?

The fraternity has, with an unwritten rule, remained a principally all male fraternity. At times, women have been admitted, but only in very rare occurrences. Specifically, the fraternity prohibits Masonic Congress between lodges of mixed or feminie gender. [...]

Why does Freemasonry use such odd symbols?

Freemasonry is a system of symbol and allegory. By using such symbols, it conveys specific meanings or lessons that each recipient can apply to his personal life and spiritual development. [...]