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District Grand Lodge of Syria-Lebanon

Source: nymasons.org

The Grand Lodge of New York has a well-established district in Lebanon; the Lodges in Syria are dark or defunct.

Lebanon has a long Masonic history. The Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of New York have been generally governing most of the regular lodges located in the country. The first Masonic Lodge to be erected in Lebanon was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1861 and was given the name Palestine Lodge No. 415. This lodge was operating in Beirut but then it became dormant in 1895.

The first Grand Lodge of New York-chartered lodge was the Syrio-American Lodge #1, formed in 1924 by returning American-Lebanese immigrants. Several further lodges were erected prior to World War II, and subsequently. With the exception of one lodge originally erected in Syria, all New York chartered lodges in its Syria-Lebanon District (ten in total) have operated in recent times. During the Lebanese Civil War, most lodges became dormant, although at least Syrio-American lodge No. 1 continued to meet intermittently and still exists today and is considered among the most active Lodges in the country. All the New York lodges revived subsequent to the civil war and currently ten lodges are operating in Lebanon.

Here are the active Lodges in the District Grand Lodge:

  • Syrio-American Lodge # 1 operates in English, in Beirut.
  • New York Lodge # 2 operates in Arabic, in Beirut.
  • Fakhruddin Lodge # 3 operates in Arabic, in Beirut.
  • Souleiman Lodge # 5 operates in Arabic, in Amioun, North Lebanon.
  • El Berdawni Lodge # 7 operates in Arabic, in Zahle, Bekaa Valley.
  • El Marj Lodge # 8 operates in Arabic, in Beirut.
  • Turbol Lodge # 9 operates in Arabic, in Tripoli, North Lebanon.
  • Lebanon Lodge #10 operates in English, in Beirut
  • Ani Lodge # 11 operates in Armenian, in Beirut.
  • Three Pillars Lodge #12 operates in French, in Beirut.


Not to be confused with the District Grand Lodge of Lebanon (under the Grand Lodge of Scotland).

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