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This hand-painted certificate is now housed with the Masonic Library in London for safe keeping.
It is claimed by the Library that it is the fifth Oldest Lodge Certificate in existence. The Library’s description of the certificate, “that Bro, Bradley hath taken the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees of Masonry”. The actual wording is as follows:(Royal Lancashire Lodge).
“James Bradley, our worthy Brother, has been duly and Lawfully Entr’d, and Pas’d in our Llodge, And Has always Behaved himself as a faithful and worthy Brother: he having Afisted us in his Taents in Masonry. For which reason we have Thought Proper to raise him to that Syolmne Degree of a Master Mason: he may be Received and Acclaimed as fuch in any juft and Lawfull Society of Free and Accepted Mafons.”
The certificate is signed by Stephen Ellis, Master of the Lodge, Tho [ma]s Hargreaves Senior Warden; Chris[tophe]r Hartley, Junior Warden and Charles Alexander, Secretary of the Lodge.

Masonic Library & Museum Association

Source: Website MLMA Masonic Library & Museum Association http://www.masoniclibraries.org


An International Organization of Librarians, Archivists, Curators, & Directors

Origin and purpose

The MLMA was founded in 1995 by a group of Masonic librarians and museum directors to share their common experiences, interests and ideas. MLMA is an international organization of members who are Masonic library and museum professionals and volunteers, sharing a love of Masonic materials, research, libraries, and museums.

The mission of the Masonic Library and Museum Association is to assist and support, through education, facilitation of communication, coordination of effort, and other means, those individuals charged with the collection, management, and preservation of the Masonic heritage.

We maintain this website to keep its members informed on topics of interest pertaining to the administration and enhancement of libraries and museums. The site also serves as a membership directory, and as a reference for the study of Freemasonry.


The MLMA Website features

  • Masonic Libraries' Catalogs
  • Mini Crash-Course in Librarian- and Curatorship
  • Exhibit Tips


Caring for Your Masonic Treasures

We at the National Heritage Museum often receive calls from Masonic lodges asking how to preserve their historic documents—diaries, manuscripts, charters, minute books, and certificates—as well as their photographs and books. We have produced this booklet (see website) to help fill this need. It will help you preserve your lodge's history by extending your collection's life as long as possible.


Listed below are links to Websites of Masonic Libraries & Museums which hold MLMA membership:

  • Grand Lodge of Alberta
  • Grand Lodge of Manitoba
  • Grand Lodge of Arizona Library
  • enry W. Coil Library & Museum, at the Grand Lodge of California
  • Institute for Masonic Studies of the Grand Lodge of California (in San Francisco)
  • Toward a Fraternal History of Marin County - Survey of Fraternal History & Museum of Lithographs
  • Luke A. Lockwood Memorial Library and Museum of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut
  • Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum and Library
  • Grand Lodge of Iowa, AF&AM, Masonic Library and Museum
  • Illinois Masonic Library & Museum (formerly known as the Louis L. Williams Masonic Library) in Bloomington, IL
  • Scottish Rite, Valley of Chicago, Library
  • Louisiana Masonic Library/Museum
  • Grand Lodge of Maine
  • Grand Lodge of Missouri Masonic Research Library
  • Livingston Masonic Library of the Grand Lodge of New York
  • Masonic Library & Museum of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
  • Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
  • Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction - Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Libary / Van Gorden-Williams Library & Archives
  • Michigan Masonic Museum and Library
  • Charleston, South Carolina Website
  • The Allen E. Roberts Masonic Library and Museum of Virginia, Inc., of the Grand Lodge of Virginia
  • Washington Grand Lodge Library and Museum
  • George Washington Masonic Memorial
  • Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, House of the Temple Library