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This Freemasonry-Wiki is a comprehensive platform, an online-magazine for any on the Internet scattered information, dedicated to further education of Masons worldwide. Unofficially, committed and with a positive attitude to Freemasonry. Founded in October 2009 by Jens Rusch and Peter Rohde. Support welcome.

"To shed light, to, illuminate and to set truth versus conspirancy theories is a noble cause. So, if you have something to spare,please do so. I personally vouch for brother Jens Rusch, who is the founder and the motor of Freimaurer-wiki!"
Bro. Rolf Keil Lessing-Lodge Frankfurt

"It is well known that our Order was at first composed of scientific and ingenious men who assembled to improve the arts and sciences, and cultivate a pure and sublime system of morality. Knowledge at that time, was restricted to a chosen few; but when the invention of printing had opened the means of instruction to all ranks of people, then the generous cultivators of Masonry communicated with cheerfulness to the world those secrets of the arts and sciences which had been transmitted and improved from the foundation of the institutions then our Fraternity bent their principal attention to the cultivation of morality. And Masonry may now be defined as a moral institution, intended to promote individual and social happiness."
De Witt Clinton, before Holland Lodge, the evening of his installation, Dec. 24, 1793

"And all the contention ’mong Masons shall be,
Who better can work, or who best shall agree."
James Sterling, 1730

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