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Perspective on Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan=

The Masonic Press Agency published an article 27 August 2015, providing an interesting perspective for Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan:

"Moscow, Russia. During the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Russia (20 years since its establishment) elections were held for the office of Grand Master and Andrey Bogdanov was elected again to lead the Grand Lodge for another 5 years. The event was attended by delegates and Grand Masters from the United States, France, Romania, Moldova, Chad, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Malta, Gabon etc.
The Grand Lodge of Russia took an active role in supporting Freemasonry in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Countries such as Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan will have in the near future, with the support of Grand Lodge of Russia, their own Grand Lodges."

The accuracy of the article was personally confirmed by Andrey Bogdanov on request 1 September 2015.

Wikipedia on Andrei Vladimirovich Bogdanov

Andrey Vladimirovich Bogdanov is a Russian politician. He is the leader of the Democratic Party of Russia and a Freemason, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Russia.

In 2008 Bogdanov founded the Andrei Bogdanov Centre, an independent non-profit organization for the development of social technologies.

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