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The Breastplate plays an important role in the York Rite Royal Arch degree and is mentioned in masonic literature as in

This dress, as the Rabbis describe it, consisted of eight parts, namely, the breastplate, the ephod, with its curious girdle, the briodered coat, the robe of the ephod, the miter, and the girdle.
To these the Masonic ritualists have ascribed a symbolic signification. The miter teaches the High Priest the dignity of his office; the breastplate, his responsibility to the laws and ordinances of the Institution, and that the honor and interest of the Chapter should always be near his heart; and the robe, the different graces and virtues which are symbolized by the various colors of which it is composed.
The Grand Council consists of the Most Excellent High Priest, King, and Holy Scribe. The High Priest is dressed in a white robe, with a breastplate of cut glass, consisting of twelve pieces, an apron, and a mitre.
In Hebrew, baw-rek-ath, the third stone in the first row of the high priest's breastplate, according to the authorized version, but the first stone in the second row, according to the Septuagint.

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