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Prince of Wales Lodge

Source: Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

A Red Apron Lodge, No. 259, constituted August 20, 1787, by Warrant from the Duke of Cumberland, Most Worshipful Grand Master, under the patronage and personal protection of the Prince of Wales who subsequently became George IV of England. George, Prince of Wales, was Worshipful Master 1787-1820, having at one time had as Wardens the Dukes of York and Clarence. The Duke of York was Worshipful Master 1820-7 and the latter having been Worshipful Master 1827-30. The Duke of Sussex, Most Worshipful Grand Master, was Worshipful Master 1830-43. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, was Worshipful Master in 1874. The membership consisted entirely of those who had been honored with appointments under its patron or men firmly attached to His Royal Highness's person and in terests. This Lodge has the privilege of electing Grand Steward annually and also its members may wear "a royal medal, having the Prince of Wales' plume and motto within a garter, surmounted by the coronet," etc., for the purpose of being "worn by the members out as well as in the Lodge, as a public token of their sincere and devoted attachment to H. R. H.'s person and interests." At the time of King William IV's accession to the English throne in 1830 he was actual Master of the Prince of Wales Lodge and due to this distinction the other members of the Lodge were given the honor of having their aprons decorated with a narrow internal border of garter-blue (see the history of the Lodge as written by Brother Thomas Fenn).


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